My personal multifamily portfolio investing as a limited partner.

Passive Investing in Multifamily Assets

Passive investing is a wonderful way to increase your net worth. Investing as a limited partner (LP) is a great way to invest in large multifamily assets without having to engage in the day-to-day obligations of running and managing a large apartment property.

I have been investing as a LP for over three years in large apartment properties located in AZ, NV and TX. Working with knowledgeable general partners (GP’s) has been the key to success.  Currently invested in just under 3500 units. Some of my investments have gone full cycle others are still in the value-add process, yet to be sold.

Multifamily has proven to be a stable asset class through numerous market cycles. Investing in landlord friendly states, which exhibit strong population, job, and rent growth. Multifamily asset considered to be “B” and “C” class assets are great value add opportunities. These typically will garner the greatest returns over a 3-to-5-year hold period. Class “A” apartments will likely be held for cash flow/yield over a long-term hold period, 7-to 10 years.

Investment can be made with cash, 401K/IRA funds. Limited partners who invest with cash, receive the benefit of depreciation and bonus depreciation. Investors receive monthly financial updates, quarterly distributions, and participation in proceeds from sale.

Active Investments

Marabella Apartments

Wooded Creek Apartments

McCallum Meadows Apartments

Rise at Estrella Park

Cranbrook Forest

Huntington Ridge

Mariposa Villas

River Oaks

Savoy of Garland

Vistas at Pinnacle Park

Fully Cycle Investments

Harlow Luxury Apartments

Sterville Apartments

Northridge Court Apartments

Villa Serena Apartments

Vista Del Rey Apartments